Our seafood products

The world's first seafood products harvested with Ava technology. Precision harvest of the finest seafood without damaging fragile ocean ecosystems. Efficient - gentle - sustainable

Arctic Scallops

Experience the unique flavour and texture of Norwegian arctic scallops (Chlamys Islandica), sustainably harvested from the cold, clear Arctic seas.

Ava Ocean is the only Norwegian supplier of arctic scallops, having reopened the historic Barents Sea fishery thanks to our industry-changing seabed harvester.


Why our scallops are different

- Slow growing scallops with sweet, delicate flavour revered by seafood connoisseurs

- Individually frozen-at-sea (FAS), locking in their supreme quality and taste within minutes of catching

- World's first scallops harvested at scale using non-destructive gear

- Sizes ranging from 20/40 pr lb to 80+


Contact us for more information, or liaise directly with our sales partner Hofseth International.

Orange-footed sea cucumber

Cucumaria frondose

The world’s first sea cucumbers to be harvested with Ava Ocean’s patented, non-invasive seabed harvester.

Gently and sustainably picked from the cold, clear Arctic waters of Norway and frozen at sea to preserve their exquisite quality.

Wild caught and frozen at sea.

Block freezed 25kg

Please contact us for prices and availability.

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