A living seabed

Ava Ocean is on a mission to reinvent seabed harvesting, enabling revitalization and preservation of vital marine ecosystems, and at the same time give the world access to sustainable and healthy seafood delicacies.

The bottom of the sea is the most exciting place on earth

Imagine a future where people can enjoy the delicacies of the ocean with a clear conscience. A future where resources are treated with respect, ensuring that generations to come can also enjoy the riches of the ocean.

Many traditional fishing practices wreak havoc on fragile marine ecosystems, disrupting life below water and the vital balance of the world’s oceans.

But the truth is that our oceans hold an abundance of unexplored and underused resources and opportunities. Nutritious and delicious seafood, which if harvested responsibly, can be a key contributor to solving the world’s increasingly pressing food security challenges.

It's how we harvest that needs to change

Seabed harvesting reinvented

Widespread methods like dredging and bottom trawling take a significant toll on seabeds and surrounding ecosystems worldwide. In Norway, dredging has been banned for nearly 30 years, preserving ocean habitats, but leaving vast nutritious resources out of reach.

From the rugged coast of Western Norway and with firm roots in the region’s industrial heritage, Ava Ocean has developed game-changing technology enabling the identification, selection, and sorting of bottom-dwelling species without causing harm to their surroundings. The method is developed in close collaboration with leading Norwegian research institutions, and our aim is to make it accessible worldwide, ending harmful seabed harvesting practices forever.

At Ava Ocean, we grant the world sustainable access to such resources