About Ava Ocean

Founded in Ålesund, Norway, in 2016, Ava Ocean is a technology company pioneering new ways of harvesting the abundant seafood resources of the seabed, in a gentle, yet effective manner.

We aim to lead the way as the fishing industry heads in a new and more sustainable direction while preserving our access to ocean resources.

Our revolutionary technology for non-invasive, precision seabed harvesting not only preserves, but can also help to revitalise fragile and often overlooked ecosystems at the bottom of the sea.

Our team

Everything we do, we do using the best available knowledge, combining vast experience from fishing, offshore and marine science with a determination to make a positive difference.

Øystein Tvedt

Chief Executive Officer

Geir Ingebrigtsen

Chief Financial Officer

Anette Grøttland Zimowski

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Jan Rogne

Technical Manager

Bernt Skarbøvik Rogne

Head of Commercial

Bjørn Roppen

R&D Department Manager

Sverre Olav Farstad

Head of Offshore Operations

Dagny-Elise Anastassiou

Sustainability Manager

Harald Bigset

Senior Project Engineer

Officers Arctic Pearl

Svein Ole Sæther


Robin Vestad


Jan Olav Hansen

Chief Engineer

Board of directors

Our board of directors has extensive experience in offshore, fisheries, and marine industries and are passionate about the health of our oceans and their vital role in a more sustainable future.

Yngve Tvedt

Chief Investment Officer, Norselab

Maren Hjorth Bauer

Investor, Fynd Invest

Henning Hofseth

Managing Director, Unifood AS

Sverre Andreas Farstad

Join us!

Ava Ocean offers many career opportunities, both on land and at sea.