Our seafood products

The world's first seafood products harvested with Ava technology. Precision harvest of the finest seafood without damaging fragile ocean ecosystems. Efficient - gentle - sustainable

Arctic Scallops

Experience the unique flavour and texture of Norwegian Arctic scallops (Chlamys Islandica), sustainably harvested from the cold, clear Arctic seas.

Ava Ocean is the only Norwegian supplier of Arctic scallops, having reopened the historic Barents Sea fishery thanks to our industry-changing seabed harvester.

Why our scallops are different

- Slow growing scallops with sweet, delicate flavour revered by seafood connoisseurs

- Shucked and frozen-at-sea, locking in their supreme quality and taste within minutes of catching

- Hand peeled and processed in the EU

- World's first scallops harvested at scale using non-destructive gear

- Sizes ranging from 20/30 pr lb to 80/90

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Our approach to sustainability

We are proud to be pioneers, working to change the way we harvest seafood from the seabed with our novel non-invasive technology. Our fishery is both a business and a marine science project, where we meticulously document each step of our process, recognising that only through rigorous research over time will we be able to achieve our mission.

With a fishing gear unlike anything used in the industry before, we are in the process of obtaining trusted certifications for our seafood products. However, due to the novelty of our approach, this certification journey requires time and a continuous commitment to data collection and analysis.

Our approach goes beyond a checklist; it's a dynamic, ongoing effort to set new standards in the industry and contribute valuable insights to the many unknowns of the seabed, ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans.

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